It takes one person to make a difference in a child’s life. You can be that person.

With all that our world is facing today, it’s more important than ever for kids to have a caring adult in their lives who will encourage and empower them through real-life decisions. In Palm Beach County, 1,000 kids are waiting to be matched with a mentor. All you have to do is show up and be yourself.

Spending just one hour a week with a mentor can help a child become:

55 %

More likely to be enrolled in college

81 %

More likely to participate regularly in sports or extracurricular activities

78 %

More likely to volunteer regularly in their communities

United Way's Mentor Center

Under our Mentor Match investment area, United Way funds and oversees 25 local mentor programs. Our Mentor Center also serves as the anchor of the Palm Beach County Mentor Network, a professional affiliation of 60 formal mentor programs working together to elevate mentoring in the community. These local mentor programs oversee more than 6,500 mentor matches each year.

What Does It Take to be a Good Mentor?

All you need to do is show up, be present, and be yourself.

Often we get asked “What does it take to be a mentor? I just don’t know if I am qualified.” Our response is usually the same. Why would you not be qualified? Your unique life experiences will help a kid navigate their path and overcome obstacles.

Being a mentor is being a listener, a guide, a support, a cheerleader, providing insight, and fostering success in others. Here are a few qualities that all mentors share:

  • A sincere desire to connect with a young person
  • Respect for young people
  • Active listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Ability to see solutions and opportunities
  • Flexibility

Level Up Mentor Program

The Mentor Center, in partnership with Palm Beach County Youth Services Department and Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, offers the Level Up program that will provide mentoring opportunities for teens ages 11 to 19 years old who are directly involved with or at risk of entering the Juvenile Justice or Dependency system.

The goal of the program is to match the teens with a long-term, positive role model, make referrals to community-based services, and provide opportunities to continue education or career exploration. Three hubs will be planted across Palm Beach County to serve teens in the northern, central, and southern areas of the county.

In 2023, the Level Up Youth Mentoring Program was recognized with a Best in Category for Children and Youth Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Life Changing Impact

It’s normal to go into mentoring being unsure of what impact it will make, not realizing that you have the opportunity to create a positive shift in the life of a young person- impacting generations of people to come.

We can guarantee that you will change two lives through mentorship – both you and your mentee will experience incredible fulfillment.

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