Our Impact

Assess. Invest. Monitor.

United Way of Palm Beach County strategically assesses, invests in, and monitors 110 programs and initiatives that meet our community’s most critical needs and make the greatest impact. When you give to United Way, you are empowering healthy lives, stabilizing local families, and helping our youth succeed.

Empowering Healthy Lives

We fund 22 programs that connect uninsured and underinsured residents with health insurance and services, and enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities.

Access To Care

Our funded programs help people obtain medical insurance and comprehensive health care services.

Special Needs

Our funded programs enhance the quality of life for children with special needs and their families.

Stabilizing Families

We fund 37 programs that connect households to resources that will help them increase their income through employment, grow their savings and assets, access nutritious food, and achieve housing stability.

Financial Stability

Our funded programs help households increase income, build savings, and grow assets.

Housing & Homelessness

Our funded programs help individuals and families keep a roof over their heads.

Fight Hunger

Our funded programs help households have increased access to nutritious food.

Helping Youth Succeed

We fund 46 programs that connect youth to an adult mentor and have access to the education, skills, and support to achieve their potential and succeed in life.

Mentor Matches

Our funded programs connect youth with a caring adult who provides emotional and social support and positively impacts the trajectory of their lives.

Graduate & Thrive

Our funded programs support youth with education resources and skills, so they graduate from high school, obtain a post-secondary credential, and succeed in life.


MISSION UNITED is a United Way initiative that connects veterans and their families to the critical resources they need.

Disaster Preparedness

United Way is actively involved in supporting the county’s disaster-related volunteer needs, providing resources to help the nonprofit community prepare for and recover from disasters, and working closely with officials to develop a more effective disaster management plan.