33rd Annual Project Thanksgiving™ Raised Over $19K

Posted December 5, 2023

Every October to November, United Way of Palm Beach County celebrates a new year of giving back to families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday by kicking off our annual Project Thanksgiving™ in partnership with CBS12 News and the Palm Beach County Food Bank. Through this county-wide collaborative effort, we encourage our community to extend a hand and share the spirit of Thanksgiving by donating both food and funds to help us ensure that every family in Palm Beach County has a warm meal to share with loved ones. With over 132,000 Palm Beach County residents grappling with the uncertainty of their next meal and the ever-increasing cost of food, the need couldn’t be more evident.

Click here to see how we kicked off this incredibly impactful campaign this year with CBS12 News reporter Kara Duffy!

Watch our kickoff story coverage with CBS12 News reporter Al Pefley!

In our efforts to raise awareness about the stark reality of food insecurity in our community, we shined a spotlight on some remarkable hunger relief agencies supported by United Way of Palm Beach County. These dedicated organizations work tirelessly to ensure that no child, family, or senior goes to bed hungry.

One of these extraordinary agencies is The Volen Center, a nonprofit with a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors. With several programs tailored to offer support and enrichment to seniors and their families, The Volen Center not only feeds their bodies but also nurtures their minds and spirits. To delve deeper into the incredible work of The Volen Center, watch their inspiring story here.

The following agency we highlighted was The Glades Initiative as part of our Project Thanksgiving™ telethon. The Glades Initiative works to connect residents of Belle Glade with health and human services, including access to healthy food. With a staggering one out of every three people in the Glades area turning to them for help, The Glades Initiative truly stands as a beacon of hope for families in need. Watch our telethon in action and learn more about The Glades Initiative here!


The next agency story that followed was a spotlight on CROS Ministries, a local nonprofit making access to healthy, nutritious food possible for thousands of residents year-round. Because of the incredible work that CROS Ministries does for our community through the numerous food pantries they operate across the county, they were the perfect organization to feature as part of our Project Thanksgiving™ efforts. Learn more about the positive impact CROS Ministries makes for our neighbors by clicking here!

Lastly, we shifted our focus to Heart, Health, & Healing Ministries, also known as Triple H Ministries. Ran almost exclusively by volunteers, Triple H Ministries serves all Palm Beach County residents, especially underrepresented individuals with barriers to physical and mental health, through their weekly food pantry. Click here to see how Triple H Ministries is making a difference for those in need.

Here’s How Our Community Helped Our Neighbors in Need:

  • We raised $19,445 to purchase Thanksgiving meals for those in need.
  • We provided 542 families with Thanksgiving meals to share with their loved ones.
  • We collected 6,732 pounds of food donations from over 30 businesses, organizations, and student clubs in the county through our food drive. These donations were sorted by more than 50 dedicated volunteers.

Thank you so much to everyone who rallied behind our community this holiday season to provide holiday smiles to the thousands of Palm Beach County residents facing the challenge of putting a hearty Thanksgiving meal on their tables. Your support has been instrumental in spreading joy and effecting positive change in the lives of so many. Together, we’ve made a significant impact and embodied the spirit of compassion and community of the holiday season.

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