Special Needs

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United Way funds nine programs that offer out-of-school activities, respite care, and durable medical equipment for children and adults with special needs.

We’re making an impact:

  • 100% children with special needs developed life skills
  • 92% caregivers of children with special needs overall quality of life improved

Special Needs Equipment Fund

United Way Palm Beach County manages the Special Needs Equipment Fund on behalf of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. The fund purchases durable medical equipment for children with special needs, ages 0-17, who reside in Palm Beach County when no other funding is available.

Equipment purchased by the Fund should specifically enhance mobility, communications (speech or hearing), vision, or be medically necessary. All applications are required to include a letter from a trained medical professional stating that the equipment is medically necessary. Some items that are commonly purchased by the Fund include wheelchairs, strollers, bath and shower chairs, and toileting equipment.

Before applying to the Special Needs Equipment Fund, applicants are required to contact Clinics Can Help (www.clinicscanhelp.org) to learn whether free, appropriate equipment can be acquired through that agency (561-640-2995). Please review the Fund guidelines before submitting an application. For additional information or questions about the application, please contact Shayene Weatherspoon, Director of Community Impact, at (561) 375-6639.

Forms for Special Needs Equipment Fund

Respite Care

Respite Care provides temporary relief for families with ongoing responsibility of caring for a child or adult with special needs. It can be provided in the home, in the community or at community agencies at flexible times throughout the day, such as before and after school, in the evening, overnight, on weekends and in the summer. Respite care strengthens and protects families, allows individuals to stay in their homes, and reduces the risk of abuse and neglect.

Respite Companions are needed! United Way of Palm Beach County has partnered with Unicorn Children’s Foundation and Children’s Services Council to provide community volunteers with free Respite Education and Support Tools Training. In this training, you will receive information on respite, crisis intervention, health and safety practices, understanding adaptive equipment, planning and adapting activities. For more information on becoming a Respite Companion, please contact Shayene Weatherspoon, Director of Community Impact, at (561) 375-6639.

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